Posted April 25, 2013 by Sherman in Panduan Jabatan Spa

Attending the Interview

Attending an interview requires a lot of planning and preparation. A job candidate will go through great lengths to ensure that he or she is ready for the interview when called. This is because you are given a short time to strike the right impression which will then influence the outcome of your job application with the potential employer.

Through the SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) or Public Services Commission of Malaysia, you will be required to attend an interview after your job application has been received and you have been shortlisted. It is very important that you attend these interviews fully prepared because they will usually determine the final outcome of whether you will or will not be employed.

As required, the documents would be the first that you must prepare. You are to have all the certificates, transcripts or any other supporting documents before attending the interview. These documents must be produced and shown to the officer during the interview as well. Bring with you the original and copies of all that are required.

This includes your own Personal Identification Card (MyKad), your birth certificate or your citizenship certificate. Other documented evidence that certifies your Malaysian citizenship status are acceptable as well like the Certificate of Citizenship of your parents.

In terms of academic certificates, your SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) or SPMV (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia – Vokasional) is a must. Where applicable, a Bahasa Melayu certificate of the SPM level is compulsory. You will need to have your degree or diploma certificates or the letter from the institution that certifies that you have passed the final stage of your education.

If you have a scholarship bond (apart from those holding Federal Scholarships), a letter of release would be needed. You should bring any certificates that are conferred by professional bodies with you while all certificates for co-curriculum activities must be shown as well.

Where applicable and for certain applicants, the Certificate of Registration of Person With Disabilities Certificate and the Letter of Confirmation for Recipient of Welfare Assistance from Department of Social Welfare would be required. For those who have, they should bring along their Summary of Service Statement, the Performance Appraisal Report, a Confirmation Letter from Head of Department and the latest salary slip if you are currently employed in the Public Services.

A simple resume with your picture would be required while you are required to be appropriately dressed for the interview.