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Daftar Kelayakan Malaysia (MQR)

The MQR (Malaysian Qualifications Register) or Daftar Kelayakan Malaysia is a register managed by MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency). This is provided for under the Malaysian Qualifications Act 2007 where MQA is required to manage a register that provides information on all the courses offered by institutes of higher learning that are accredited.

This means that the MQR is basically the reference point for anyone who would like to check if a certain course in pre-university, undergraduate or post-graduate offered by any private or public institution is recognized by the qualification agency and therefore allowed to run in the specific institute.

Through the MQR, students can now check and see if the degree that they are pursuing has passed the requirements as stipulated by MQA. This includes all the details of the course that include when it was approved, the date it was accredited and any other information.

In this context, it means that if the degree is not listed in the MQR, it is not accredited and therefore not recognized by the government of Malaysia. On the other hand, if the course is listed and accredited, it means that the course is consistent in terms of quality, standard and qualification.

The programmes that are included in the MQR are all that are being offered by institutes of higher learning from Malaysia. This could be courses that are conducted by the institutes that are registered in Malaysia and offered both locally and overseas. The programmes that are offered and listed in the MQR are aligned with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework or MQF. Basically it includes diplomas, higher or advanced diplomas, bachelor degrees, master degrees as well as those in the doctorate levels.

The objective of MQR is to become the information bank on all accredited programmes in Malaysia. This will then create an environment where the standards and quality of degrees offered by every institute is consistent. The MQR provides transparency while allowing anyone to make comparisons between the courses offered by different institutes.

Through the MQR, you will be able to find out about the contact details of each institute including the address and such. There will be a reference number of each degree offered, the name, the category of the degree, the duration of the approval, the level of approval as well as the credit hours required to graduate. Other information provided include entry requirements, learning outcomes and others too are included in the MQR.

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