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Mardi (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute) is one of the major agencies in the country. It is a primary mover of the research and development of the agricultural industry of the country, putting Malaysia in the world map through its efforts and initiatives that have been implemented over the past few decades. Through Mardi, Malaysia has become one of the top agricultural players in the world in the past and is still considered as such today.

As Mardi is a very dynamic and constantly evolving organization, there will always be a demand for capable and highly qualified personnel to continue pushing the company forward. Therefore, if you are one who has the qualities and knowledge that can contribute to this public service company, you can apply for jobs with the agency through its Sistem e-Jawatan.

When a job becomes available in Mardi, it will be posted here to invite suitable applications. You will need to constantly check here for updates or for any jobs that might be what you specialize in. If there aren’t any, you can always register an account to speed up your application later. Jobs that are posted here will include all the information that you will need to know. This includes the salary range of the job, the job requirements, job scope and where you should direct your application to. Take note that Mardi operates many branches around the country where you have to be aware of where each position will be located before applying. Through Mardi, you can find jobs like Research officers, assistants and technical staff, among others.

When you register for your account, ensure that you have entered all the correct and complete information required. Your academic qualifications and past working experiences will play important roles to help you obtain the job you want. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the pre-requisites before embarking into your application. After that, you can start your application through the online facilities here. The Sistem e-Jawatan will allow you to check for updates of your application from time to time so that you are informed about your progress.

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